Ken Hind: Notable Cases History (Selection)

2004 R v Miah, Bolton Crown Court – Attempted Murder drive by shooting, acquitted

2005 R v Micheal Smith, Preston CC – Murder

2005 R v Jackson, Preston Crown Court, Monroes nightclub case possession of class A drugs with intent to supply , leading a junior – trail 40 days acquitted trial

2006 R v Redford, Manchester Crown Court – Murder,-Noonan gang armourer shot another gang member in back of head -led by Jonathan Goldberg Q.C. trial  39 days

2007 R V Heading Schoolteacher indecent assault pleaded guilty Appeal Court of Appeal sentence reduced to suspended sentence

2008 R v Carl Brown, Preston Crown Court – Attempted Murder, gangland shooting

2009 R v Daniel Cregg, Liverpool Crown Court – Operation Medlar International drug importation VHCC

2009 R v Anthony Berry, Preston CC – Operation Topaz 1 and Topaz 2 Drug distribution, rape and torture

2009 R v Thomas Smith, Preston Crown Court -Money laundering

2008 -9 R v Bawla, Liverpool Crown Court – Operation Greengage, importion of class A drugs VHCC leading a  junior

2008-09 R v Newton, Carlisle Crown Court , VHCC Cumbria waste management fraud

2009 R v Aslam Amin, Preston CC – Importation of Tobacco Products Operation

2009 R v Steven Helm, Preston CC – Causing  Death by Dangerous Driving

2009 R v Shaprahafar, multiple rape  Burnley Crown Court

2009 R V Manaser Khan Blackmail Preston CC

2009 R V John Varey Aggravated Burglary by men armed wearing balaclavas acquitted Teeside CC

2010 R V King Causing GBH with intent dangerous driving (allegation drove over girlfriend ) acquitted         Preston CC

2010 R V Abid Hussain Blackmail Sheffield CC

2010   R V Midgley Preston Crown Court Drugs Conspiracy Money laundering

2010  R V Alex Varey wounding with intent to cause GBH acquitted Carlisle CC

2010 R V Patrick Connolly Causing death by dangerous driving Preston Crown Court

2011  R V Evans Armed Robbery of Security Van Preston CC

2011  R V Nizam Ahmed Rape and attempted rape of prostitutes in red light district Preston CC

2011 R V Swaley Wilsher  Lincoln Crown Court Armed Robbery acquitted Crimewatch Most Wanted

2011 R V Saima Mahmood  Kidnap and poisoning (honour case) Acquitted BBC TV Programme on Case as honour case involving forced marriage allegations

2011 R V Younis Zaman sexual assaults by taxi driver on teenage girls acquitted Preston CC

2011 R V Boguslaw Plociennik rape acquitted Preston Crown Court

2012  R V  Birch Rape indecency with a child  Bolton CC acquitted

2102  R V Bahader Section 18 ,violent disorder Bolton CC acquitted

2012  R V William Tomlinson Conspiracy to Evade Duty on Importation of Tobacco Derby Crown Court

2012 R V Sajawal  Drug Conspiracy Liverpool Crown Court

2012 R V Christopher Drew Brooks Operation  Drug Conspiracy  Carlisle C C

2012  R V Livesey 2 x indecent assaults  Burnley CC acquitted

2102 R V Sohi and others Court of appeal Proceeds of Crime Act

2012 R V Aldren travellers revenge conspiracy to commit GBH case dismissed Burnley Crown Court

2012 R V Junaid  case dismissed witness intimidation and child sex abuse Burnley Crown Court

2012 R v James Corbett rape and sexual abuse 11 victims Preston Crown Court

2012 R V Haygarth attempt rape and sexual abuse 5 victims Taunton Crown Court

2012 R V Hawley EDL Riot Brierfield Preston Crown Court

2013 R V Daniel Cregg Carlisle C C  Drugs Conspiracy ongoing

2013 R v Peter Hawley EDL / Anti Fascist League Riot Case Liverpool Crown Court

2103  R V Peter Horsfield Kooga Rugby Fraud  Burnley Crown Court ongoing

2013 R V Iftikar Burnley Crown Court Rape Acquitted

2013  R V Durrant Preston Crown Court Rape ongoing

2013  R V Cotton Rape Indecency with a child , acquitted Preston Crown Court

2013 R V Emma Mitchell Court of Appeal Facebook Juror case.

2014 R V Dunnigan Rape Preston Crown Court Acquitted

2014 R V Simon Gray Preston Crown Court Rape Jury could not agree

2014 R v Durrant acquited of attempted rape convicted of lesser charges

2014 R V Mary Kidson Worcester Crown Court acquitted administering poison to her daughter

2014 R Marcus Redding Conspiracy to Defraud  Nottingham Crown Court

2014 R V Rebecca Tootle Murder Preston Crown Court

2014 R v McQueenie Rape Preston Crown Court