Chief Constable Called upon to Disclose Name of person who made Dismissed Complaints against former Council Leader

Ken Hind, former Leader of Ribble Valley Council and Lancashire MP has called on the Chief Constable Andrew Rhodes and the Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw to provide the name of the person and details of a complaint  made against him leading to a police investigation which resulted in no action being taken. There followed  press stories and destructive social media comment which had the impact of severely damaging his reputation and  harming his electoral chances in the May 2019 council elections.   
Ken Hind commented ” The first I knew about any  police investigation was when I read it in a newspaper. I immediately got in touch with the police and offered to go to a police station to be interviewed to  answer any complaint,  but the officer in charge of the investigation told me there was no need.  A few weeks later the police informed me that they had looked into it, they  were not pursuing it and there was no need to attend a police station. The officer was courteous but said she could not tell me who had made the complaint or what it was about.” 
”What the  press stories  were personal unpleasant attacks from trolls and key board warriors on social media which could only be described as crowd bullying. Political opponents made much in their leaflets to gain political advantage. The combined impact of this was to  rubbish my reputation and influence voters against me  which I encountered on the doorstep. These press stories  still appear on the internet.  
”This means that an  anonymous person with their identity protected, can make malicious allegations against public  figures  that have no merit, without being named and shamed or called to account. This represents a sign of the decline in standard in public life referred to by Theresa May in her speech this week. The Chief Constable needs to  make sure the police are not used in this way to undermine those in public life. Investigations should only be made known to the public if they result in charges, otherwise the result is being convicted in the court of public opinion without trial.  
”This  press stories in local papers  included that I was also being investigated by Conservative Central Headquarters which again I knew nothing about and  added to the attacks from the key board warriors and facebook sites. CCHQ have again confirmed this week that  I am not being investigated. Before the May council election I was  appraised and selected as a Conservative council  candidate in the Ribble Valley. In March 2018 and again in 2019  at the AGM I  was elected by the 400 plus members of the Ribble Valley Conservative Association as Campaign Manager and Agent to all 59 Conservative candidates in the Ribble Valley Parliamentary constituency. With a team I appraised, selected,  wrote and directed the campaign for  every Conservative candidate in the  Ribble Valley Borough and acted as Agent for 19 South Ribble Borough council  candidates, 40 of whom were elected.
” As the number of newspaper journalists  decline and everyone becomes their own newscaster on social media platforms there is a need for the platform promoters  to police the content  on their sites put up by key board warriors in order  to avoid libel, fake news and abuse. There is a difference between sensible political comment and criticism, with which we can all live,and  uninformed abuse which generates fake news by people with no knowledge of the true facts.
The danger is  the public accepts these uninformed comments  which then becomes the damaging  accepted truth. This is the intention of those who make the initial comments.  As a supporter and user of social media I can see that it is a great tool of communication, but any abuses need to be controlled. If the social media platforms will not do it themselves then they should be made to do so by legislation.”
The original complaint made by a councillor made in November 2017 that she was not reappointed as the Borough Council Chairman after 20 months has yet to be resolved.