Objections to the Application Persimmon Hawthorne Place Clitheroe 58 homes-


All Objections to this planning application have to be on planning grounds and the policies listed are extracted from the Development Plan or Core Strategy for the Ribble Valley.:-

1.The Core Strategy for Development Plan for Ribble Valley has 3 main centres of development – Clitheroe Longridge and Whalley and runes for 2008 -2028. Each of the 3 main centres has exceeded the number of planning applications. The total number granted far exceeds the minimum number 5600 required by RVBC for the full plan. By March 2017 more than 6079 planning consents had been approved by RVBC . At present the objectors are seeking up to date figures which are believed to be in excess of 7000 with 8 years of the Core Strategy to go to 2028.

In March 2014 Citheroe only required an additional 240 homes to achieve the numbers in the Core Strategy page 42. It is anticipated that the figure for Clitheroe is well in excess of the figures in the Core Strategy with approvals for Barratts at Waddow Heights and developments in Henthorn Road. The Core Strategy figure for Clitheroe is 2320 with an additional Standen Estate with 1040 planning consents been approved in outline. Total for Clitheroe minimum is 3340 . Longridge 960 in Core Strategy 1450 approved or built . Whalley Core strategy 520 with over 700 approved or built. Tier 1 and tier 2 villages 1600 with1223 approved by March 2014 . There is no need for this site – policies DS1 and DMG2.

2. The main test is one of ‘’need’’ and sustainability. The government require the RVBC to show that there is a 5 year supply of development land if one exists there is viable argument to reject the application There is more than a 5 year supply shown by monitoring in the RV planning consents and therefore there is no need for this development .

In appeal APP/F0114/A/14/2215930 Land at Boxbury Hill, Midsomer Norton Somerset the Inspector dismissed proposals for up to 124 dwellings, despite the Council conceding that there was not a five year housing supply. The Inspector concluded in this case that permitting significant growth in excess of the current land supply situation would undermine the principles of sustainable development and the recently adopted Core Strategy and “harm the purpose of the detailed, lengthy and collaborative plan marking process which has taken account of the views of local people in wishing to shape their surroundings”. This is clearly the position in relation to Clitheroe- policy H1 .

3. The Council is currently considering the annual build rate for new houses following the SHENA consultation. The present Core Strategy or Development Plan figure is 280 a year. Government guidelines have indicated that RVBC base minimum figure is 148 . This is probably too low, a more realistic figure is no more than 200 which if adopted will reduce the need for housing developments. Arguing these government figures Ribble Valley does not require this site in Hawthorne Place. Policies DMG1 DMG2 DS1.

4. This site is included in the present Core Strategy – Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2008 -2028 . However there are a number of windfall sites which have been granted planning consent and effectively have replaced the need for it. This site has not been brought forward for 12 years and events have overtaken its inclusion. The site is not needed now the reasons stated above.

5. Increased traffic will create a hazards on Waddington Road B4678. This road is being turned into a major thoroughfare with too many junctions, all of which filter traffic travelling to Clitheroe town centre to the junction beyond the railway bridgeon Waddington Road. This junction is becoming a bottle neck junction. With the additional pressure from the Waddow Heights development 200 plus houses, Milton Avenue and the Hawthrorne Place proposed development, traffic movements per day on this junction will increse by a figure approaching 1000 movements a day. It is also the main route for traffic to Waddington and the villages beyond. This makes the site unsustainable and in breach of policy DS2 as causing adverse impact which cannot be mitigated to an acceptable degree.

The applicants transport assessment made in October 2018,is now out of date.It makes no allowance for the increase of the new homes near Milton Avenue and projections from the Waddow Heights development.. In breach of the Lancashire Local Transport Plan – this application fails to deal with the aim ‘’To create a more attractive neighbourhood by reducing the impact on our quality of life -and by improving our public realm’’ This application fails to deliver any traffic/higway solution just creates hazards in breach of Policy DM12

6. The site is very dense in terms of housing numbers. It is adverse to neighbouring properties, there is loss of privacy and loss of visual impact -Policies DMG1 and DMG2 The public open space is minimal consists of a small lawn with a tree in the middle and very small.

7. The mix of housing types and quality is poor. This is a site which is close to the Clitheroe Town Centre ,flat and gives ideal access to residents over 55 and disabled people as it is within walking and wheel chair access distance on a level route. There are no bungalows in breach of the council policy requiring 15%. All this has to be seen on the back of an increasing retired population approaching 20% of the total residents.

The affordable homes are tiny and below the absolute minimum space recommended by 2015 government guidelines. The sheltered accommodation has one bedroom space and what is called a lifestyle room- 59.73 sq meters. If built as a 2 bed house the minimum is 70 sq meters. Likewise the Barton described as a 3 bed in the application but illustrates the third bedroom as a study. The Barton is 70.69 but as a 3 bed on government guidelines would have to be 84 sq meters. Persimmon are short changing the Ribble Valley on the quality of the affordable homes to increase the profit margins on the market homes. This is all in breach of policy H2 and DMG1

8.The site is liable to flooding from the culverts and drains around the site. It has flooded in the last 12 months this is evidence from  local residents in the public  meeting.

9.Whalley Road  Clitheroe has been identified as one of the 8 pollutant hot spots in Lancashire  due to among other factors to slow moving traffic. The site is adjacent to Hansen Cement   identified by Lancashire County Council  as the source of 821 tons of NO. 310 tons of Sulphur Dixide and 20.3 tonnes of participate matter. Slow moving traffic near Hansen Cement will only further reduce air quality in Clitheroe.

10. Infrastructure in Clitheroe needs to catch up with housing development. In the event of approval and the developers should be required to contribute under section 106 to the cost of increased school places, (Ribblesdale School and Primary School places,) improvement of GP services (Clitheroe Health Centre), green space, recreational facilities and traffic improvement measures. If proper appropriate affordable homes are built these contributions are capable of rendering the site uneconomic and not sustainable.