Services to Solicitors

Practice Manager

Sue Hind as practice manager will provide the day to day contact with solicitors, monitor the lists, arrange conferences, negotiate fees, liase with other sets of chambers and if necessary arrange alternative representation.


These will take place at solicitors offices, at court, by video link or Skype, We have conference facilities  of our own which can be used for all day and long conferences. We urge preliminary conferences should take place with your client at the earliest opportunity to build confidence in the defence team.


As Ken Hind intends to focus as in the past on conducting defence trials in the Crown Court there will be no substantial returns except for procedural matters and this will be provided by 3 sets of chambers who have agreed to provide this service along with other independents. Where solicitors have in house advocates an agreement can be reached with them if the need arises to return a procedural hearing. If we cannot do a case we shall say so, not just take the case and tell instructing solicitors the night before in the hope of keeping it for someone else. In the case of preliminary hearings and PCMH cases we will negotiate a more convenient date if the need arises and speak to the counsel or their representatives who appear for the Crown or other defendants.

Case Papers

These can be delivered to us by post, fax and e mail or we will collect them the from instructing solicitors office  which we will do on a regular basis, obviously providing they are in Lancashire.

Court Reports

After a hearing a report will be provided by e mail to instructing solicitors setting out what happened for the file. This will also be sent to the personal email of solictors so busy solicitors can keep abreast of cases in which they are instructed. We do not expect solicitors to attend court hearings unless  felt  necessary.

Preparation of the Case

All defence statements, skeleton arguments on abuse of process, bad character applications, section 41 requests in sex cases will all be prepared by counsel. Advice on evidence will be provided before court hearings and advice on appeal if necessary at the end of the case.

Contact with Listing

We will be in contact with the listing officers at Preston Burnley Manchester and Liverpool Crown Courts on a regular basis so we can keep you abreast of changes. Court lists will be accessed in the usual way both by receipt from the court and on web site.

Changes in the Law and CPD

These will be monitored and periodically seminars will be held on changes in the Law qualifying for   CPD points.